Chromatization (passivation) Surtec 650

ContentImages / frunza-surtec.jpgSURTEC 650 is a product based on non – toxic trivalent chromium which successfully replace the yellow chromatization ( with hexavalent chromium).

It is used for aluminium and aluminium alloys ( both for pieces made of aluminium laminates and aluminium cast pieces).It is also recommended for pre-treatments before enameling , welding and electrostatic painting.

SURTEC 650 chromatization is a passivation process of the aluminium piece surfaces ensuring an excellent resistance to corrosion up to 100°C.

After the treatment with the SURTEC 650 the surface of the pieces can be painted in the electrostatic field  the chromital layer ensuring a good adhering of the paint.

The treatment with SURTEC 650 can be applied both on raw pieces and pieces which have already been anodized ( eloxed ) increasing the resistance to corrosion of the anodized layer.

The treated surface is conductor for the electric current, the surface resistance being < 0.8 mOhm/cm².

It complies with the regulations MIL 5541 si MIL-DTL-81706 (336 h under salt fog condition as per the DIN50021 SS) for protection against corrosion of the aluminium surfaces.

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