Anodizing & Hard Anodizing

It is an electro-chemical treatment under acid environment consisting of a forced and controlled oxidation to obtain a protective layer of aluminium oxide sufficiently resistant and homogenous.


It is a passivation method using trivalent chromium for aluminium and its alloys ensuring an excellent resistance at corrosion for the not painted surfaces and enhances the adhering of the paint to these surfaces

Chemical polishing

It is a preparatory operation for the anodizing process consisting of chemical attack on the aluminium pieces using a mixture of acids . The effect consists of the partial and preferential dissolution obtaining a “mirror like” surface of the piece.

Overall Services

By the collaboration with our company, your projects may become reality. Starting from the technical documentation ( bidding documents) and with our collaborators we are able to make the pieces you need, to integrate them in different assemblies and to deliver them providing thus, full services.

Anorom Company is specialized in the treatment of aluminium and aluminium surfaces. We are performing the following treatments of colorless , colored anodizing ( eloxation ) SURTEC 650 chromatization ( passivation), chemical polishing. After the surface treatment, the aluminium pieces can be painted in electrostatic field with either liquid or powdered paint.

The surface treatments which Anorom company performs are suitable both for the bright pieces of a laminated material and for the cast pieces.

We are very flexible about the amounts of pieces which we treat and thus, we are able to supply services for all the machining operators who manufacture both unique pieces and pieces at small, medium and large scales. Our current serial production deals with the treatment of the following types of aluminium pieces : bicycle hubs, bicycle spokes , rims, radiators for the electronic and electrotechnics industries, different profiles and bars of aluminium obtained by extruding ( shelves, furniture, aluminium joinery, aluminium door and window handles, lamps), plate sheets, different aluminium parts or components for the equipments and machines , airport beacons for the aeronautics industry. The piece packing and the packing material are usually supplied by the clients, but at request they can be supplied by Anorom company , too. Our logistics allow us to provide including the piece transportation at our clients’ request. The deadline for the treatment completion are mutually agreed ( by telephone conversation) at the time of the firm order launching and it can be agreed even for one day (the same day the pieces arrive to our plant – the truck which is bringing the pieces can take them back the very same day ) provided that there is a previous scheduling 

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